Kenny Lam is a lover of stories

Kenny is a lover of stories and is often found nose deep in comics or classics alike. Photography is Kenny’s way of crafting intimate and lively stories about people, love, and relationships. He loves weddings and sees them as sources of inspiration, because Kenny is inspired by people who love well.

“From what I remember of my own wedding, the day goes by so quickly that I always feel incredibly blessed to be entrusted with the responsibility of documenting these fleeting moments in meaningful ways. If I could summarize my style it would be honest moments fused with emotive imagery.”

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When Kenny is not editing photos or crafting handmade prints in his darkroom, he spends his free time perusing the local record stores hunting down Soul, Blues, and Rock records. He enjoys exploring the outdoors with his amazing wife and hopes to one day have a German Shepherd. Kenny is based out of Vancouver, B.C. and is excited to hear your story and to be a part of your big day!

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