I’ve never felt more like an outsider than when I was in Porto. Maybe they don’t get very many Asian tourists but while visiting the city the locals gawked at my wife and I as we walked by. Mostly the elderly, the young, and the homeless. I could’ve had a big booger sticking out my nose as well though who knows. However in the restaurants where we ate the staff were always friendly. We tried Bacalao a deep fried cod dish made with potato chips in a home style restaurant close to our guest house. It was surprisingly good but one of those dishes where you only need to eat once and then your good. We also had a chance to visit Braga and Guimaraes which was a pretty low key city. My favourite thing about Porto would have to be the Port wine.

In Spain we went to Santiago de Compostela, Bilbao, San Sebastian, and Barcelona. We stayed in the northern Basque region b/c it was way too hot to visit any of the southern areas. The Basque call tapas Pintxos which were fantastic but after a few days all I wanted was a nice bowl of wonton noodles. It’s funny how in my travels the only things that I remember are food! I really enjoyed Spain though it was an awesome cultural experience and the people were friendly. I remember playing paddle tennis with our crappy dollar store equipment and when our ball literally broke in half a Spanish family lent us their ball and paddle as well. Great beer, beautiful beaches, and wonderful people.